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Strange Experience

September 30th, 2006 at 06:12 pm

I went to a Eyemart Express today to get glasses. They do glasses in under an hour and are actually the cheapest place in town. I checked their website and it said that 1 pair of progressive lenses were $88.74 (I already had the prescription.) This was for glasses with their value collection frames.

I picked up a pair of frames from their value collection and went to buy the glasses and the clerk says they will be 154.00. I mention the web site and her comment was "I don't know why it'd be wrong." I got the impression that I was a worm for even daring to question her statement. I told her that the only reason I'd gone there was because of the price on the website. I almost left. I probably should have. However I really did not want to go price shopping on a Saturday especially when I really did need the glasses. I agreed to the 154 price. However, when she rings me up on the cash register it comes to 134. I ask about that and her comment was that it was probably because I had bought a cheap frame. Her tone was dripping with contempt.

When I got home I checked the website it still says 88.74

One of the things that concerns me is that I felt like a worm for daring to buy such glasses. Why did her contempt bother me? I certainly do not need her approval. I will need to think about this.

Also I am tempted to just forget about the discrepancy in the pricing. However, I am also a little concerned that this may mislead someone else. Do you think that I should complain, or at least send an email to the company.

Furnace Update

September 29th, 2006 at 09:24 pm

Mountainmist is correct the furnace could have gone in January when it was -40. I should be grateful.

The furnace is fixed and it cost 408. The estimate was right on the nose. However now my September budget doesn't balance. I suppose I'll figure it out. I am deterined no more debt.

I am still paying off studet loans at 9%. I already consolidated them once to lower the interest rate from 15% so I am stuck with this interest rate. However they will get paid off eventually. I am trying to think happy thoughts. The house is warm which is nice. I've been going form a fairly cold house to work which was badly overheated. The temperature at work was often over 95 degrees. No kidding. I have been battling a nasty virus and the temperature extremes haven't helped.

Oh well, everything will work out. I am convinced of it.

Furnace Trouble

September 28th, 2006 at 02:25 pm

I had the yearly servcing done on the furnace and discovered that the blower motor or at least part of it has to be replaced. This is going to cost at least $400.00 if it is just the blower head or $800 if the entire motor has to be replaced. They are going to come tomorrow afternoon and fix it.

This is a major budget buster.



September 27th, 2006 at 08:17 pm

As my bio says I am a currently single widow in my 40s. I have been a member of this site for a long time. I tend to lurk. I read these blogs back when they were called journals. I have always found them inspiring and I found I wanted one.

My greatest financial liability (besides large student loans) is my house. We bought the 2400 sq ft house about a year before I was widowed and I have found it difficult to maintain on a single income. It is on quite a bit of land which is running wild. I am neither capable of maintaining the land nor paying someone to do it. The mortgage on the house is reasonable but it still stretches my budget. I have considered selling it. I would love to move to a condominium or a small house. HOwever the prospect of selling the house terrifies me. I am not certain why.

The other thing going on financially besides my chronically lousy budgeting is an issue with my computer. I really would like another laptop. Actually I almost need another laptop. I have been pricing them on e-bay and the ones I want are running between $200 - $300. This is not an urgent need. (Although if something happens to my current one it will become urgent. I have been inspired by Koppur's Lamp Fund and have decided to set up a Computer Fund

I started it tonight with $10.00