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bad day financially

February 24th, 2007 at 08:39 pm

We got 13 inches of snow last night. I live on a Bluff with a driveway that goes up at a 45 degree angle makes 180 turn and then goes up at another 45 degree angle. I've lived in this house for almost ten years and through a lot of storms but this was the worst.

First a tree fell across the lower part of the driveway which I did not know until the snow plow showed up to plow the drive way. Before they even got to the tree the pickup truck with plow got stuck in the driveway. They had to call a cat to get the truck out. Then the cat moved the tree and then slid down the hill. The drive way had to be plowed and sanded a little at a time. It took forever. I don't have the bill yet but I am sure it is well over a 100.00

In addition to this I dropped by laptop and now my wireless card won't work. I took another wireless card from another computer and that one won't work either.

Tomorrow hopefully should be better except the weatherman is predicting another 7 inches of snow.

3 Responses to “bad day financially”

  1. Amber Says:

    Sorry to hear about yur da, I hope tomorrow is much better for you

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Wow! Be careful out there! Another 7 inches - yikes!

  3. Kay Says:


    sorry the day started like that.

    I was reading about your 'buy nothing new' project for this year and it sounds very interesting. Goodluck with that.

    I read in a post that you were saving up to buy an used computer. you might want to post a wanted ad in the freecycle group in your city. most often somebody posts a wanted ad for a computer and they get it. it might not be latest, but in working condition.

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